Rose and The Ugly Prince

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Rose There was a Peasant's daughter called Rose who lived in great Black Mountain. The hut she lived in was very small and very cold, because the Peasant was very poor. One winter's day, the Wicked King came to their hut and told the peasant to come out. ’ I have come for the rent ‘King Edward informed the Peasant. ‘Please, sir,' the Peasant begged the King. 'I have no money left to pay you. May I pay you next month? ‘No!' King Edward said angrily. 'If you cannot pay me now, I will take your daughter instead. She will make a fine wife for my lonely son. ‘No!' Rose sobbed. 'I will return in one week for my money or your daughter,' he informed the Peasant. ‘After the Wicked King Edward had left, Rose could not stop crying. She did not want to marry the Ugly Prince, but if she refused, her family would have nowhere to live. She knew that her father was too poor to pay the King.. 'What can I do? ‘Just then, a single tear fell from her cheek and landed upon a fat Caterpillar crawling on the ground, and all at once the fat Caterpillar changed into a colorful Butterfly .'You must go to the Starmaker's palace at the top of the mountain,' the Butterfly said to Rose. 'You must sing for him, and he will make you rich’. ‘But I cannot sing,' rose said. The Butterfly flew into the air and landed on rose's lips, and then, with a tiny flutter of its colorful wings, it was gone. And when rose opened her mouth and sang, it was the sweetest sound you've ever heard. ‘The Butterfly was

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