Rose Parade : The Rose Parade

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Many people around the world have gone to various wonderful places around the world, whether it be to visit the seven wonders of the world, go to concerts, or to even to watch the Olympics. But there is one particular event that is intriguing and catches one's eye if you were to pass by. What I’m talking about is the Rose Parade, which is also called the Tournament of Roses Parade and is known for having huge floats covered with vibrant colors from the natural flowers that cover them. The Rose Parade is an annual event that takes place in January, first in Pasadena, California to celebrate the New Year. The event is known thoroughly too many people locally and nationwide for the exquisite floats in the parade. The reasons people come here …show more content…

The second most important person is the Grand Marshal which is an honorary person chosen by the president each year that talks about the theme of the parade. This year the honorary person is a lead spokesman for National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The spokesman is a man named Marshal Brown, who is one of the most recognized spokesman for domestic violence as he has talked about domestic violence for twenty years. Mr. Brown is a tall and slender man who wears a suit every day due to his job as a spokesman and has bags under his eyes due to his job of having to constantly travel and speak against domestic violence. He enjoys his job because of the feeling he gets from saving people that can't get away from horrible relationships. Just as every person has reasons for their actions he has his reason for speaking against violence as his mother was abused by his dad but hasn't told anyone. This next person is someone that some girls despise and some revere and makes the guys fall for her. This person is of course the Rose Queen, who has a coronation for being the most pretty contestant out of the six young girls. This years Rose Queen is Stephanie Fernandez who is from Monterey Park at least an hour away from Pasadena. Stephanie is the youngest Rose Queen at the age of nineteen and the first to win a beauty pageant in her family that raised her and her two sisters around beauty sisters. Stephanie is of average height her

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