The Male Rose Essays

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Dark clouds covered the sky like water covering the ocean. Boom! Thunder roared in the distance. Drip! Drip! Drip! Rain ferociously banged against the ground. The atmosphere was a quite mouse except for the rain. Clouds covered the stars, but the moon summoned a faint beam of light down on the forest. Fire raged in the rose’s head. The male rose wanted freedom from the field and to run like a human. However, while he was wishing that, NASA reported an extremely giant asteroid heading towards Colorado Springs in 3 days. An hour later, Jhonny Appleseed was coming to plant a small apple plant when suddenly the male rose stretched out his roots and using the energy of the soil; he pulled the apple plant out of the pot and threw the plant out…show more content…
Then, he ran slightly faster. After running thirty miles, the male rose saw a two thousand six hundred twenty-two feet rock mountain. He took a tiny step, and it suddenly collapsed! He sent out all his leaves, breaking every single, solitary rock in half before it reached him. Subsequently, he jumped over the pile of rocks. When he crossed two hundred twenty-five more miles, the sun was almost out of sight. There, in front of him lied the ocean. He had reached a dead end. Zoom! Z-zoom! The rose saw an airplane dashing in the sky. He reached up and grabbed the plane’s wings with his roots. Now he could control the plane’s direction! The helpless driver contacted the airport who contacted the military. After the moon was up, the airplane had taken him five hundred twenty kilometers, and suddenly several jets surrounded the airplane as well as the plant. Boom! Boom! They sent missiles and bullets that were as quick as a rocket. Bam! The rose jumped off the plane and swiped the missiles back while dodging bullets, causing the jets to detonate in a terrible roar. While he was fighting, the plane had left him, so he drifted downward towards the ocean. The plant immediately used half of his roots as a parachute and the other half as a boat. Water was good for plants, but too much would destroy them. It became night, and a hurricane started. The male rose wrapped himself in a ball of many layers of roots to avoid the rough waves pounding
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