Rotter Narrative

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I started up the Land Rover and strapped on my seatbelt. After quickly looking to make sure everyone was buckled in, I put the car in drive and accelerated. These car chases and running away was starting to get annoying. Sighing, I pushed the car to go faster. As we were just getting out of sight of the Rotters, a loud beeping sounded from the car. I looked down at the dashboard and groaned. We were out of gas. And now we're finally dead. Megan looked over at me, her eyes relfecting my panic. What do we do now? The car coasted along, for the most part maintaining it's speed. I decided to take advantage of this and just steer the car along while it still had some velocity. I steered around other wrecked cars, bodies, and whatever else laid …show more content…

I could hear the Rotters closing in, and I was almost finished when Megan pulled my arm and screamed at me to start running. I threw closed the backpack and sprinted, catching up with Megan and the boys in no time. Looking behind me, I saw just how close we were. The Rotters had just reached the car, and were still coming after us. They began closing in from both sides, the only way out being straight ahead, continuing down the road. I kept pace with the others, dodging and jumping, until I heard Musa grunt and hit the ground. I stopped and ran back towards him, helping him up. He had tripped over a stretcher, and it looked like his knee and arm were bleeding pretty badly. "You okay?" I asked him, out of breath. He just nodded and ran off, so I followed him. I thought we were starting to get away from the Rotters, but then, they started stumbling out of car wrecks on the side of the road and from the treeline. They were closing in on us from everywhere, so I took out my pistol and started shooting one down. With six shots, I downed three of them. Megan heard and began shooting too. I was very hard trying to shoot and run at the same time, especially when the gun kicked back at you. Reloading was even harder. I managed to empty two magazines before I felt something tug on the ankle and I fell

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