Rough Draft For Technology Essay

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Brochure rough draft.

Integrate technology is the only way that we can have a bright future! There are many very intelligent students hoping to get somewhere in life, but how can these students progress if they do not have enough access to technology. Technology is growing at a rapid rate in our country and many students still do not have enough access to be prepared in life. Students rely heavily on technology. There are many reasons why students rely on technology as heavily as they do and some of those reasons are, progression in life, new style of learning and also teaches children responsibility.

New technology is going to be added everyday and it is only going to keep moving forward. If technology is moving forward shouldn't we aspire for our children to move forward as well and have a firm grasp on technology and not fall behind. Technology is being implied upon every professional field therefore we need to start preparing the younger generations coming up for this widespread of technology. This would be teaching the younger ages more about real life situations
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Many teachers believe that if we add new electric components to our schools that students will not pay attention as much and will not focus as much in class. Many teachers don't like the idea that students will have access to facebook and many other social media websites while they are in school, they are also afraid that many of those children will abuse the amount of mechanics that are given to them. Another major problem with technology can be cyberbullying, why this is such a problem is because students can start to bother another child even when they are in school and many of the teachers can not do much about it. Many of these students can become so dependent on the tech that is provided to them that they will probably not have enough experience in the real
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