Rubber Band Powered Vehicle Essay

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Rubber Band Powered Vehicle

Part A: Introduction
a. Theoretical Background The rubber band car is a car powered by a single rubber band. Energy efficiency is the amount of energy that is first stored in an object. The physic's definition of energy efficiency is very similar. Their term is the linear distance traveled using the energy stored in one rubber band. Energy efficiency is usually found when an object's energy transfers into a different type of energy. For us to find this, we have to attach a rubber band onto the car and release the rubber band to make the car move forward. The physic's definition is very reasonable because the rubber is the main and only source of energy that is applied to the car.
b. Purpose The purpose
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20. Record the distance traveled and the time it took to travel that far. C. Sampling and Trials 1. Line up the meter sticks in the hallway. 2. Ready the stop watch. 3. Wind up your rubber band powered vehicle. 4. Set it on the ground and let it go D. Safety Precautions
1. Make sure you are very careful with the X-ACTO Blade when using it to cut.
2. Do not blue fingers together.
3. Keep all materials away from any part of you that can access the inner part of your body.
4. No fooling around.
Part E: Data Collections, Calculation, and Graphs
a. Data Collections

b. Calculations 1. 3.076 m/s 2. 3.030 m/s 3. 3.059 m/s 4. 3.081 m/s 5. 3.170 m/s 6. 3.275 m/s 7. 3.003 m/s 8. 3.074 m/s 9. 3.079 m/s 10. 3.163 m/s

c. Graph

Part G: Conclusion We found that our rubber band car is very energy efficient. After building our rubber band car, we have tested it 10 times. The average result of all 10 of these trial is that the car travels up to 9 meters within a little under three seconds. Our hypothesis was correct since the car traveled in a linear motion. The rubber band that is connected to the axle of the car is released, making the rear wheels rotate and allowing the car to move forward. We find that teamwork was a very important key to our success. Without teamwork the rubber band car wouldn't have worked as
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