Ruby Iguimming

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1.A Ruby Throated Humming Bird ,Archilochus colubris, and a Green iguana, Iguana iguana, are combined to create an Iguimming, Archilochus iguana. 2. An Iguimming is an organism that is about 9 centimeters long and 4 centimeters tall on average.Also, the average lifespan of an Iguimming is eight years. It’s head is covered in lime green feathers with a black, white, and red patch on the throat. The unique straw like mouth is used to suck up small insects or nectar out of a variety of flowers. Small black eyes help it spot it’s prey with an excellent color vision. Other than the head, the rest of an Iguimming’s body is covered in thick green scales with a small ridge that runs along the spine. Powerful, lightweight wings that are the same color
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