Rudy Child Care Issues

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Nowhere to go, tired, alone, at her last whit’s end, is lost in her mind. Rudy is in need of help, help that is available through an individual such as myself, help that the Department of Family Assistance can provide. Rudy is like so many other individuals, falling into a downward spiral in life and having difficulty picking themselves back up. The Department of Family Assistance is a government agency that helps to provide both comprehensive and contractual services in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Child Care Assistance, Financial Assistance, Education, Job Training Assistance, Homelessness Assistance, and Elderly Assistance (Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, n.d.).
Rudy is a 29-year-old African American
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Rudy’s mental state makes it difficult to maintain a job and has no source of income at the moment. Rudy is unresponsive to counseling nor does she interact with her children during the supervised visits. Rudy has no home of her own and seeks refuge at various homeless shelters that have openings for stay. Because of Rudy’s depression and living situation she has exposed her children to harsh conditions that would be considered child abuse in the eyes of others. Rudy’s children are in foster care until Rudy can become well and find a stable source of income and…show more content…
My recommendation for Rudy to address her depression would be cognitive behavioral therapy, in this type of therapy it would be my mission to assist Rudy in recognizing her unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In this type of therapy, I would help Rudy in taking these negative thoughts that she has and replacing them with more positive ways of thinking that will in turn lead to some more respectable outcomes. It would be part of my treatment plan to have Rudy attend counseling services as well as take anti-depressants in order to control her depression. I believe that this will assist Rudy in actively completing the tasks within her treatment plan and that she will come a long way from the first day that she stepped into my office; in doing so she would have taken all the necessary steps that we have put in place order to become a more responsible individual for her children. In terms of future goals Rudy has to continue to attend counseling services and once she’s more comfortable I would suggest for her to attend group therapy sessions with other individuals like her. Because Rudy came to me in a difficult situation in not having her children due to being a neglectful parent, I believe that the family would benefit from Family Counseling services to assist with their healing.
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