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Is your website costing you leads? Do you know? Are you sure? If you have a website that was built more than three years ago, you are probably losing more leads than realize. Why? Because people are visual and not very patient in the wonderful world of technology and technology changes very quickly. So if your website doesn't have the latest design components, tools, and features, and it isn't visually appealing and easy to understand and navigate, guess what? Your site visitors will automatically click away from your website and find another one that is. Why Your Website Must Be Redesigned Every Few Years Your website is a direct reflection of your company. It's often the first thing your potential customers see and what they use to …show more content…

4. Trust Builders Each page should have a clear purpose. Your site should prominently show features that legitimize security protection through a third party, as well as easy to find contact information, etc. 5. Emotional Triggers Using relevant images and emotion provoking content will touch a nerve and encourage people to share. Display ratings and endorsements as social proof of your legitimacy and authority. 6. Behavior Control This is achieved by offering common sense consistency throughout your site. Such as navigation with the proper hierarchy, appropriate patterns, and colors, positive reinforcement to manipulate the brain into certain behaviors using a stimulus that will trigger the pleasure center in the brain and prompt the user to take action and receive a reward. How To Determine If Your Website Needs To Be Redesigned Here are some of the red flags that could indicate your website is in critical need of a redesign. • Your website isn't mobile friendly. Most of the population performs their web searches from a mobile device. • Corny or too clever site names. This generally causes confusion. • Cluttered website layout and/or design. These make a website hard to read, understand, and navigate. • Non-sensical navigation. This confuses the visitor and makes it hard for them to find the information they need. • A visually unappealing or boring web design. • Pop-up ads that distract your visitors from what you

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