Marketing Objectives Of A Company 's Website

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ent of all personnel involved in development of website R – The objective is realistic as my company’s market research team will track out traffic to the website. T – By the end of one year I will achieve my target ➢ The main purpose of website

Answer – The main purpose of creating my company’s website is lead generation. Firstly I would like to get them on my page as a visitor would not buy from the website who is visiting for the first time. If we get to the visitor’s shopping list then we can try to be in touch with them and try to make sure that they should remember your company when they are making a purchasing decision. By creating a website, it will allow me to post feeds, videos and images and look for public’s
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➢ Psychographics – Target customer is the one who wants to have modular furniture at affordable prices. This person can be one of the owners of small/medium/home/corporate business who is interested in very fine furniture.
➢ Geographic – As this business is actually located India, it also does online business which would help the company to expand in a better way. There are no geographical limitations to the target market as there are offices in every country so I plan to expand this business on an international scale.
➢ Behavioral –
User status – Regular status
Usage status – Heavy user
Benefits sought – People who are looking for office furniture
Loyalty status – Strong

➢ Demonstrate congruency with marketing direction Answer – So the type of marketing for my company would be mass marketing for people who have offices of small and large enterprises. For mass marketing, using my own website is a perfect tool. Through my website I would be able to reach my target people who can afford the products. Online marketing is a powerful tool and it is cost efficient as well.
Brand Character –

➢ Brand Character Statement –

Answer – Amber Hi-Tek brand is professional yet practical, provides attractive environment-friendly furniture at affordable prices. Furniture designed by my company has long-term durability and provides variety of designs. Amber brand is a well-known brand
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