Runners Vs Running Shoes

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When buying running shoes, most runners suffer from a big problem: they do not know what sneakers to buy.

For a runner (except those who run barefoot), running shoes are indispensable tools for every training and competition.

Only those at can understand this relationship that is generated with our slippers and therefore the importance of analyzing the great problem of buying running shoes.

So that you are aware of some inconveniences that make things difficult, it is good that you take into account the following aspects.

At the moment of having to buy running shoes, one of the questions that we usually hear, is which shoes are the best?

Before this question, it is normal to hear answers of all kinds, although
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How to choose among so many brands, models and features that most brokers do not understand?

Faced with this complication, many make the mistake of being carried away by aesthetics and/or marketing.

Thus, they select the shoes that look more beautiful or those that more see in the streets, two parameters that do not ensure anything at all.

When deciding which running shoes to buy, it is good to know the two great trends and/or styles that are dominating the market: cushioned and minimalist.

Although the cushioned shoes are the ones that have dominated the market in the last 30 years and are the most known by most of the runners, it is good to know that there are other alternatives, to decide wisely.

The cushioned or traditional shoes are those that have a wide and/or raised sole with some damping system (be it air, springs or whatever "technology" it is).

Although these damping systems are usually promoted as effective to minimize the effects of our weight impacts when running and include a higher heel height than the tip of the foot, they present some disadvantages that we recommend you to know (enter HERE
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