Running For A Change At High School Sports

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PH 90 Tuesday and Thursday
Running for a change
I. How healthy are you? From my behavior change paper, the main change that I am focusing on is from the physical health behavior. The one question that I’m focusing on deals with becoming happy with my body size and weight; this question was the only question where I scored a one. From past experiences, I would be content with my body by being physically active. However, with the change of environment of being in high school sports to going into a college environment where I have a less physical schedule has strained my thoughts of how I see my body. With this conflict I’m easily accessible to that thought of being distressed and unhappy, so I want to exercise to counteract those thoughts …show more content…

The issues that are brought up are what happens when people are physically active and what happens when they are not physically active. Regarding the website,, the article “CDC: 80 percent of American adults don’t get recommended exercise” states that at least eighty percent of adult Americans neglect their weekly amount of exercise (Jaslow, 2013). With this statistic, there are multiple health issues that are raised for why people should be physically active. The health issues that correlate with exercising focuses on obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mental illnesses (“Physical Activity and Health”, 2015). Although physical activity can be a hassled effort to work through, inactivity can lead to a worse outcome. Another article from the website titled “Inactivity tied to 5.3 million deaths worldwide, similar to smoking”, states that deaths regarding coronary heart disease, type two diabetes, colon and breast cancer and obesity are tied to people being inactive (Jaslow, 2012). These informational statistics give the information that numerous adults are inactive and that different types of diseases are tied to inactivity. With the given information, and an article from the Center for Disease control and Prevention website, titled “The Benefits of Physical Activity”, there are problems that come from being

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