Russia 's Little Brother : The American Psychological Association Guidelines

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Russia’s Little Brother
Following the American Psychological Association Guidelines
David Marchuk
David Douglas High School

Author Note This paper was prepared for WR121, taught by Ms. Daugherty

Russia has found itself naked after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Russia has always relied on ukraine as a natural gas highway and major agricultural producer. Russia has been living with its own puppet in Kiev. But with Yankovich ousted from office, Russia has no other choice but to take Ukraine back. Ukraine on the other hand has always felt the need to grow on its own, not to mention Ukraine has already been hurt many a time by Russia’s aggressive and heartless actions. The main purpose of this conflict is the …show more content…

Therefore this was one of the first major instances when the Russo-Slavic people became divided, was when the Novgorod-Rus was created and forged to resist the Mongols. Since then the Ukraine’s and Russia’s relationship has been on a downfall. Russia has become very insecure since the diffusion of the USSR. The pursuit of economic stability and wealth, triggered the whole Russo-Ukrainian conflict, as a result Russia regards Ukraine as a must have asset to assert its feeling of superiority in the world. Ukraine as a nation has some of the world 's richest soil. And has a large amount of shales reserves. Not to mention a 1,500 km border right on the underbelly of the the Russian mainland. Through all this the question still lingers, why are Russia and Ukraine fighting? on Tuesday, the 18th of March in the year 2014. Putin announced that Crimea was going to be annexed to the Russian Federation. (Bock, Andreas, Henneberg, Plank, 2015) With great uncertainty, and Euro Maidan protest engulfing the nation. Ukraine was vulnerable for Russia’s invasion. Russia took over Crimea both aggressively but peacefully at the same time. Putin called for a vote in Crimea, to allow for the people of the Crimea to have a fair choice in the matter. 95.7% of voters wanted to join the Russian Federation; while a mere 4% wanted to remain in the Ukraine. ("95.7% of Crimeans in referendum voted to

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