Ruth And I Are More Similar Than Dissimilar

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Ruth and I are more similar than dissimilar. In particular, since both Ruth and I hail from countries with individualistic cultures, often when we are having personal conversations like the one described above, we tend to share personal information in order to feel close to others. Given the conversation I share with Ruth over dinner, there are a two recommendations I can make. The first of these, if that when people are in conversations with those from another country, it’s important to recognize when they say something that may seem unrelated to the conversation or even vague, like Ruth’s Irish blessing comment, that the person making the comment might simply being try to relate or sympathize with you in regards to how their culture has raised them to. Being able to realize that they are simply trying to relate to your situation can help you not only help save you from an award culture bump, but it can also help to expand your own knowledge. Further, I think people when in intercultural situations above also need to ne aware that no matter how similar someone may seem to your own in-group, they are still from another culture and that can influence how they interact with you from time to time. Following my first communication event with Ruth, a second interaction that I had worth mentioning was when Ruth, Ruth’s friend (who is also from Ireland), and I decided to go for a afternoon hike one weekend. What made this an interesting cultural interaction was the greeting

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