SAT And Act Reflection Essay

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Even though I have worked with high school and college age youth for the past 20 years, I have very little experience with the SAT and ACT. This may, in part, be due to the group of youth I have worked with, foster youth. There are many bright, driven and successful foster youth, but unfortunately, many of them have also had such an inconsistent high school experience that they aren’t even thinking about taking college entrance exams; they are just trying to make sure (hoping) they complete all the credits they need to graduate. Many of their lives are complicated by issues outside of school that interfere with making college plans. I applaud the test administrators for trying to make the tests available to all students and their encouragement of all students taking the exam, but some of the most vulnerable students are…show more content…
I like it for my own son, as a tool to track his progress. However, I also know that this tool will not go far with foster youth. If it is tracked at all, it will be one more piece of paper to keep track of and likely not utilized (counties have their own paperwork that is already lengthy). And if no one is looking and utilizing the information for foster youth too, does it create another inequity? For youth who have consistent schooling and watchful caregivers, the suite of exams can be (potentially) a tool for growth, not just a score that either admits or rejects an
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