SDN Traffic Engineering Article Analysis

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This article discusses the best in class in traffic engineering for SDN with attention to four cores including flow management, fault tolerance, topology update, and traffic analysis. The challenging issues for SDN traffic engineering solutions are talked about in detail. SDN is a developing networking administration that isolates the network control plane from the data sending plane with the guarantee to significantly enhance organize asset usage, streamline network management, reduce working expenses, and promote development and advancement. For network performance optimization by dynamically analyzing, predicting, and regulating the behavior of the transmitted data, traffic engineering is an important subject. Over the last two decades …show more content…

In load balancing for the control plane SDN may cause the network controller to become a potential performance bottleneck, to overcome this controller load balancing schemes have been used. They are logically centralized and physically distributed controller, physically distributed controller, hierarchical controller, hybrid controller, multithread controllers and generalized controllers. The multithread controllers are developed to improve the request processing throughput. The parallelism architecture of servers is used to provide high throughput with scalability at the controllers in multithread multicore SDN controllers. The research challenges in flow management are dynamic load balancing scheme for the data plane and dynamic load balancing scheme for the control plane. Now coming to the second core i.e. fault tolerance: for ensuring the reliability of the network, SDN must be able to perform the failure recovery straight forwardly and effortlessly when a failure occurs in the network. Even though a switch could be used in such a failure, it has neither the insight nor the information to make new route. For this it has to depend on the controller. In this manner, we discuss the research efforts on fast failure recovery in SDN networks. For fault tolerance in the data plane we have two failure recovery mechanisms, which are restoration and protection. In restoration, the recovery path

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