SEAL Research Paper

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Jude Riley
Mrs. Bovee
English 11A
4 October 2017
Life as a Navy SEAL
Have you ever thought about joining the Navy SEALs? About 90% of people who try and join the SEALs drop out (“Three most Dangerous”). The SEALs need to pass a training before the actual SEAL training called Buds. Even if one makes it through the pre buds training, it is still unlikely one will make it through Buds. The Navy SEALs is one of the hardest branches of the military to get into, but with very hard work, one could receive the honor of being a SEAL.
The first monotonous part of being a SEAL is the sign-up. This involves a lot of paperwork, and a difficult physical ability test. First off, there is an age requirement. One must be younger than 35, and older than 17. …show more content…

The PST includes five physical tests. Swim 500 yards, 100 pushups in two minutes, 100 situps in two minutes, 25 pull-ups, and running 1.5 miles in nine minutes and thirty seconds (“Navy SEAL Training”). In order to be secured to enter the SEALs program, these must be completed. Once these requirements are completed, you are able to enter SEALs boot camp. If you make the cut from boot camp, you will then attend pre-BUDS. It is a 7-9 week apprenticeship training division school. And after pre-BUDS, the BUDS program is immediately assigned (“Navy SEAL Training”). The Navy SEAL training program is designed to stress the students beyond their limit, in order to better prepare them for the real world. “BUDS is a 7-month challenge, the develops your mental and physical stamina and leadership skills. Each BUDS phase includes timed physical condition tests, with the time requirements becoming more demanding each week” (“Navy SEAL Training”). To go into the advanced training of the SEALs, it includes foreign language training, sniper training, free fall parachuting, explosive breacher and much more (“Navy SEALs Training”).
After people get accepted into the Navy SEALs, they have to deal with the everyday life of being a SEAL. Every day in the life of a SEAL is different. Every day of every year is based on the mission the team is training and preparing for. SEALs answer many questions before preparation. The questions include, ”Is it water insert/extraction, or will the team

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