The Process of Becoming a Marine Corps Officer

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The Marine Corps has been protecting America’s freedom and acting as a symbol of strength since 1775. The United States Marine Corps is a force for greatness, bound to the words liberty and justice, sworn to protect every American soul. Marines have battled on land, in air, and at sea for their country and many brave men and women have lost their lives in the line of fire. These brave soldiers are lead by intelligent officers who are strong leaders, quick decision makers, and possess great mental toughness. The young men and women blessed with the privilege of being officers in the Marine Corps face many hardships on their journey to greatness, yet many travel down this road and benefit from the experience greatly. The Marine Corps was…show more content…
Students also have to pass weekly physical fitness tests; comparable to the physical fitness test a Marine would take. JROTC also benefits a student who is planning on going to college; many who participate in JROTC in high school carry that experience with them to college and join ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps). ROTC is a college program that future officers participate in which pays for college tuition and gives a student a better perspective of military life. Students who take part in a ROTC program are expected to complete physical fitness test as well as have an academic class, and must pass both to stay in the program. (Kwan) Future Marines also have to meet certain academic requires to reach their goal of becoming an officer. There are many different ways to become an officer in the Marine Corps, but the most common way is through college. Students must graduate college with at least a bachelor’s degree and be a current U.S. citizen. After completing college students must then apply to OCS (Officer Candidate School) where they will learn to lead and tactical decisions in leading their squadron. (Kwan) Officer Candidate School has two different routes, a 10-week or two 6-week Platoon Leaders Course. If the candidate has already graduated from college they will enroll in the 10-week course, if not they participate in the two 6-week courses. OCS is a highly competitive process and is full of challenges; this process is meant to test the
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