SWAT analysis for Victoria Station Restaurants Essay

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Victoria Station

Concept uniqueness- Concept based restaurants’ rely on décor and novelty themes, which are appealing enough to the customers to draw in business. For example: Hard Rock Café, Applebee’s, Rolling Rock Café, or Outback Steakhouse. The Victoria Station utilized the English depot paraphernalia to support the theme; gas lights, a red English telephone booth, and a London taxi.
Quality control- The beef was cut to specifications, used controlled- portion fillets/top sirloin butts, and a computerized checking system to verify that unapproved vendors would be brought to management’s attention should any items be purchased off of the approved purveyor list. …show more content…

Societal need & Recognition- Victoria Station should have connected themselves to the communities surrounding through assistance or donations. This would have created a longer, positive attitude to V.S.
Population & Dietary changes- There will always be more people in need of food; this is especially so due to mothers working; now dining out and take-away has far proceeded home cooking.
Children’s menu- They left out a very large and important segment, children. If they intended to have a family restaurant they should have a well developed kid’s menu.
Competition- They did not take in account the growth of other featured restaurants targeting the same economic theme, such as Red Lobster and Quinn’s Lighthouse.
Raising beef prices- In the Fiscal year 1981 Victoria Station lost more than 6.3 million, one primary reason was due to the continued rise in beef prices, which raised food cost to 50% (Martin)
Economic and weather decline- 1982, the meal count declined 8.4% compared to the previous year. This time, owing to the poor economy and the unusually harsh winter. (Bernstein)
Change in Public- Victoria Station did not leave room for the swing away from the red meat phase into the more health conscious

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