SWOT Analysis: Cathay Pacific Airlines

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5.0 Strategic options Referring to the SWOT analysis, we assume the most uncontrollable issue imposed on C.P. is the circumstance of fierce competition existing in the current airline industry. Consequently, as alternative submissions, the company should remain constantly advancing new strategies, namely acquisition and introducing of a budget confederate. 5.1 Acquisition First, the organization can deliberate on the procurement of other minor aircraft to strengthen its position in target markets to further conquer more market shares, e.g., it may invest or acquire local carriers and further upgrade their whole deal flights. As such, clients can select its subsidiary local auxiliaries or via utilization as reciprocal. The Dragonair is a fabulous example demonstrated by its actions. Accordingly, clients will be availed to possess the capacity to choose to agilely orchestrate their routes with Cathay Pacific Airways at all levels arranging from provincial to worldwide.…show more content…
Accordingly, the corporation can capitalize either to buy over any of the existing airways or transfer a section of its fleet to the budget jetliners. In this context, the rear one is preferable to distribute the available resources. Ultimately, it must manipulate and screen the execution of the scheme. • Analysis of the strategy Cathay Pacific might present a complementary budget airlines subsidiary or alliance which offers essential carrier services with a lower fare. It will broaden its market share through an affordable price. This option extends its proportion of the entire industrial sales through minimum investments with maximum profitability. But it might be blemished likewise because the brand of C.P. was not initiated for budget traveling. 6.1 Criteria to assess the practicality of strategic
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