SWOT Analysis Of Johnson & Johnson

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As the top 5 diversity company, Johnson & Johnson do have abundant and useful diversity and inclusion strategies that help it become an influential and competitive organisation in the world. There are two main parts that Johnson & Johnson doing well on diversity management issue.
I. Equal Opportunity
Johnson & Johnson companies (U.S.) strictly forbid the discrimination against any of its employees and applicant. The kinds of discrimination include gender, race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability (Physical or mental), genetic information, Veteran’s status, military service, marital status or any other characteristic. Also, Johnson & Johnson have policies prohibiting employment discrimination in other countries. Thus, this equal opportunity
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Areas outside of the U.S., there also have employees to monitor it and report to head office regularly.
• Johnson & Johnson has created a web system that gives its employees an easier and more convenient way to reflect the discrimination around them.
• There are lots of actions and policies that Johnson & Johnson have made to prove Equal Opportunity, such as Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (includes the Harassment Policy); Common Ground (for resolving employment disagreements); Credo Hotline; Diversity & Inclusion Vision Statement and Policy; Human Rights Position Statement; Global Labour and Employment Guidelines; Policy on Employment of Young Persons and the Guideline for Resolving Employment disagreements. Besides, several trainings have been provided to help employees know more about diversity and inclusion strategies.
• What’s more, Johnson & Johnson focuses on giving equal opportunities to suppliers to keep supplier diversity. This strategy could make company products and services become more competitive among
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