Treadway Tire Company Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis for Treadway Tire Company Lima Plant The Treadway Tire Company has almost 9,000 employees in North America. Treadway Tire is one of the major suppliers of tires to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and replacement tire markets. The company sells under the brands Treadway Primo, Treadway Performance, and also manufactures private brands. Treadway Tire Company has eight manufacturing plants in North America. The Lima plant in Ohio is one of them and has a serious problem of high turnover (almost 50%) of foremen. This SWOT analysis is mainly focused on the Lima plant in Ohio. Strengths Leadership in the industry. Treadway Tire Company is one of the major tire suppliers of the original equipment manufacturer …show more content…

When an opening is available, the company hires external candidates. Thus, the plant was not satisfactory developing new managers and supervisors. Opportunities Cost and productivity leadership. By resolving the issue of high foremen turnover, the Lima plant can consolidate its position as the top's Treadway plant in productivity, quality, and lowest cost producer. Expansion to new markets. Treadway Tire as a major supplier of OEM in North America may use its positioning to enter new growing markets in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Effective training program. If the Lima plan is able to develop an effective training program for foremen and thus reducing their turnover, this program can serve as a model and may be used by other Treadway plants. This training program will increase job satisfaction, boost employee morale, and productivity. New technology and development. New technology advancements can improve the tire manufacturing process and reduce the dependency of oil derivates raw materials. Threats Raising cost of raw materials. Raw materials used by the company are petroleum derivatives and highly dependent on oil prices. Variance of oil prices affects negatively the company because it increases the costs affecting profitability and competitiveness. Global competition. International competitors may displace the leadership

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