Sacred Music Research Paper

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A vast majority of music created during the Renaissance and Middle ages was used for sacred purposes: music intended to inspire thoughtful worship in the Catholic church. Despite the large push of Catholicism during this time, evidence shows a large amount of secular music was also used at this time for entertainment and personal expression. Although sacred music had shown dominance during these periods, secular music had many similarities, as well as differences. Following the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 CE, the Middle Ages created an era of religious, political, and cultural exploration. Because the power was held by the kings and Catholic church, the separation of church and state became a problem at the time. Sacred music had been created by composes such as Léonin and Péotin, who enhanced plainchant (single-line melodies previously used in church) by adding multiple, synchronized lines. This had become the new music of the church, designed to inspire worship in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Also at this time, marketplaces and streets had been flooded with …show more content…

While sacred music was designed for worship in the church, secular music was often used as love songs, and street music. Due to the topics of these types of music, secular music was used outside of the church, while sacred music was used inside the church. The creation of the printing press and the increase of Greek and Roman writings encouraged those to take a close look at personal beliefs and thoughts, instead of the concerns of the church. Sacred and secular music were similar because both brought people together at the time, creating common language and ties with each other. They were also similar because both were meant to be highly thoughtful, and encouraging. They displayed two aspects important to everyday life, an understanding of religion, and an understanding of yourself as a

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