Sacrifice In Life Of Pi

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The story of a sinking ship, while this is not a unique concept by any means Yann Martel, author, creates a dynamic story of a young man who loses everything. Pi, at the time of the accident, is practicing three religions while afloat with a plethora of wild animals. He is the sole survivor along with a rag tag group of zoo animals. The group is left afloat a small lifeboat where Pi begins a spiritual journey paramount to those he encountered in India. Despite the accident destroying many things for Pi, such as his sense of stability and family, it also created many learning opportunities for him. He is now able to practice religions, reflect, and appreciate basic human necessities. The extended time at sea has also taught him many virtues such as patience along with a greater understanding of holy text. First, The sinking of the ship destroyed many things for Pi. The most obvious being his sense of family. He once had a close-knit relationship with his mother, father, and brother. He also lost all the familiarity that he speaks about early in the text when he tells the reader how the zoo has become his home. He now lacks in the sense of comradery that he once held with his peers at school alongside his teachers that guided him. Pi is forced to become his own spiritual guide. Along with losing his religious guides he loses sacred religious…show more content…
He relied on others to tell him how to worship, learn, and live. He was forced to become his own boss. In his life at the zoo he was curious about other religions and attempted to practice them simultaneously. His plan proves unsuccessful and he is asked to chose one religion. While on the boat he makes a schedule for himself explaining that he prays multiple times a day, an Islamic tradition. We also see him call unto many different gods from varying decent. This shows the reader that he is choosing to dabble in all three of the
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