Safe Haven Research Paper

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Safe Haven “Never seen a city clean like this” some of my customers compliment about Chicago while I was driving taxi. Cleaning our streets is good for several reasons, the most significant are for our health and to keep the environment clean. The US is one of the many countries that has a huge amount of waste every year. In order for us to have a safe haven for our children, we should make our streets clean and reduce waste. We should always find a better method to reduce our garbage. For instance, recycling every plastic bottle and can will reduce the garbage that we put out every day. The other method is to reduce the products we make, so we can reduce the intake of excess products to our house. The third is to use a product for several years or months. Do you know that it will take 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose? Our world is the most friendly planet for human beings and every other living thing. We should never take our planet for granted because there is no other like this one and in order for us to keep our planet safe and sound, we should get rid of plastic bags. The other most effective way to keep our planet safe is to recycle every plastic bottle that we used. Every plastic product should not be thrown to the garbage because plastic bottles will take several decades to decompose in soil. …show more content…

Using products for months or even years will benefit our bank account and will also help our planet to be cleaner. This only can happen if the users agree to keep a product for a long time. Some people have a habit of keeping a product for several years because they do not want to spend money every time new things arrive. If we can use this kind of method on plastic bags and clothes, it will help reduce the garbage we throw every day. Using plastic bags for repeated shopping will benefit the stores not to buy or make plastic

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