Safety Aesthetic Effects, Contingent Liability And Health Issues

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Group Project Introduction: This report is based upon the current and potential problems observed during the visit of the city zone apartments at Liverpool Street, Auckland CBD. The observations done by the team to conduct the evaluation of the problem related to facility management. Our report discusses that organisation needs to properly facilitate the operations of the building. This report includes occupational safety aesthetic effects, Contingent liability and health issues. The major problems, which were analysed by the team during the visit, were ventilation problem in rubbish room, car parking and fire exits (staircase). The second problem is in the context of water seepage in the area of car parking. The major effected areas are floor of car parking, walls and celling’s. The third facility management problem of the building diagnosed by the team was security. The building does not have on site monitoring room, dead end signal in the car parking area and reflecting mirrors at the sharp turns in the car parking. The pictures, which have been clicked by the observation team during the problem finding, supporting all the problems and these pictures are being attached as evidence of proof with this report. The main aim of this report is to analyse the current problems, which are being faced by the city zone apartment users, and to provide with effective as well as recommended solution to these

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