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Today I will write about my beautiful city ,the place where I live for 11 years before I moved to Portland. I have a lot of memories when I live in Saigon. What I miss the most is when I used to hanging out with my friends, playing soccer, riding a bicycle, and other things I did when I was young. My city is a beautiful place to visit and travel. You can eat a lot good food in different restaurants, and the people are friendly. In this essay I will talk about the time I lived at Saigon, the time I go school in Saigon, the reason I moved to the United States, and the time I came back to visit my family.
Saigon is in Southern Vietnam. My dad told me that the name of city came from the 17th century. I remember the place where I live …show more content…

I was born a year later. When I was young my parents always took me to the parks to play soccer with my friends and riding a bike. The one thing I see it is different from the kids in America by when we play soccer we don’t need a field and don’t have to wear a shoes to play soccer. When I went to school at Saigon it was harder than school in the United States. There was a lot of work to do and the school day was longer than here. The one thing I like about school in Saigon there was only 45 minutes for 1 period. Also I still more like school here then when I went to school in Saigon because it doesn’t have a lot a homework and teachers are nicer to me.
When I live in Saigon, I have learn many different cultures that already had a long time ago. The most important culture to my family is Tet. Tet is the day that all people in family celebrate a new year together. Before a new year I have to help my parents to clean up the house, and help them to decorate the house. Also in this day my mom and my aunts are made a lot of different Vietnamese foods. Did you know that on the the first day of the year we just can eat food that made from vegetable and tofu only. Start from second day we can eat like meat, chicken, and seafoods. I remember on the new year day I got a lucky money from my family after I wish them a new year’s greetings, my parent put lucky money inside the red envelops. Also the other thing is important to my family is is religion because this is part of my family life. My family truth in Buddha, as I know Buddha is coming from India. I had going to temple since I was 1 year old, when I going to temple it make me feel

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