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Salmon Fishing Tackle Troutman: "You can spend a small fortune on salmon fishing tackle if you add up the cost of a boat, fuel to run the boat, beer, a place to store the boat in the off-season, and all the gear. That is the bad news, but the good news is that you don 't have to spend that much money. Really all you need is a reel and a rod and know where to fish from shore. I once added up my cost and it worked out to be over $129 per pound of salmon. Now this is information you do not want your spouse to know. So if you just want to fish to eat it is much cheaper to buy salmon at a fish market. But then, we fish for other reasons, don 't we?" The type of salmon fishing tackle you use will depend on the species of salmon and your…show more content…
Hooks: The hooks are usually double and in some regions must be of the barbless type. Most fishermen purchase them as packages already secured to a leader line, a type of line that is more resistant to breaking and sometimes has a green tinged color making it less visible in the water. Bait: In the Pacific Northwest and in waters as far north as the Alaskan panhandle, herring is the most common bait. Herring comes in various sizes and is usually frozen. It is rare to find fresh herring for sale but it is probably the best choice if available. Trolling Rods: Trolling rods tend to be a bit heavier and stiffer to take the stress of hours of trolling action. Some prefer a less stiff rod to better "feel" the fish after hooking and to better control the tension of the line to prevent the fish from shaking the hook loose. Reel: The reel is normally not a spinning reel type and should have a large spool capacity sufficient to hold at least 100 yards of 12 pound test line. Net: A net to bring the salmon on board should have a handle long enough to reach at least 2-3 feet into the water from the freeboard of the boat. The net should have a mesh size of 1 to 2 square inches and have a collapsible handle for easy storage. Down Riggers: An alternative to using weights that directly attach to the fishing line train is to equip the boat with down rigging gear. This type of salmon fishing tackle

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