Essay about Wal-Mart Seafood Supply Chain Case Study

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Nonetheless, wild pacific salmon are fished near the shore or the ocean between May and September because they spawn in their river habitats during these months. The other challenge was that wild pacific salmon were depleting and protecting them was a great challenge as it was indirectly posing a threat to Walmart and its sea food supply chain.
According to (Denend, 2010) major challenge was that commercial fishing of wild salmon was only permitted to the people who had permits that also for a limited period of time or season. Also, the duration of this season fluctuated each year so that the wild pacific salmon of each type would be protected and they would return back to spawn in the river habitats. As a result, Walmart would not have sufficient amount of stock for wild pacific salmon and was posing a threat to its supply chain & the duration of fishing was volatile because if salmon would come back in greater quantity then the fishing season would continue for an extended period of time; if they would go back then the season would shut down earlier, so the quantity and availability was not fixed in nature and this was also among the few possible challenging reason for Walmart.
There are numerous other factors present which would increase the cost price of Wal-Mart’s supply chain either directly or indirectly which are
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