Salon Success Chapter Summary

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In the Salon Success book, we read about many of the most important parts of how to succeed and excel in the salon industry. I think that many of the skills I have learned in the Salon Success book will help me become a better cosmetologist. Chapter one in the Salon Success book is titled Redefining Character. In this chapter we learned about respect, integrity, and commitment (2). I think the most important part of this chapter is respect. The respect section is split up into three sections; self- respect, mutual respect, and self-esteem. All of these things are very important but the one that stands out to me the most is mutual respect. It will be very hard to work in a salon or anywhere if you are not able to cooperate with others. “Respect yourself if you would have others respect you” -Baltasar Gracian (5). I liked the quote because it reminds you to treat people how you want to be treated which is a large part if mutual respect. Chapter two in the Salon Success book is titled Understanding Ourselves And Others. In chapter two we touched on personality basics, and balance. I …show more content…

Chapter three is broken down into two sections. One is called Communication Basics and the second is called Professional Communication. I believe that communication basics in the cosmetology field are extremely important. The three main channels of communication are body language, speaking, and listening (79). When I communicate with anyone, body language is one of the first things I notice. If I was trying to talk to someone but they were not making eye contact with me or expressing interest in what I was saying, I would know that they just want to relax and not listen. As a cosmetologist, listening is a huge part of the job. “Listening well is just as important to communication as speaking well” (87). In a salon atmosphere, you deal with people all the time that express their feelings in different

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