Salvador Dali Analysis

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Salvador Dali’s painting represents the scientific Freudian influence. Everything appears to be in a dream-like state because nothing makes logical sense. The idea behind the artwork is because of melting cheese and bizarre dreams. It is stated that, “the message Dali is trying to spread is that life is fast paced and full of choices which sometimes produce unfavorable outcomes, but we move on” (Ukessays 1). Each clock represents a different time in life, whether it is his past, is current state, or his future. The jagged cracks in the mountains symbolize the rough patches or cracks that one must go through in life and the reflections in the water and platform show how those mistakes reflect who we are. The dead tree shows that eventually we all will grow old and die. Lastly, the white figure is Salvador Dali and how his life is slowly ticking away as well and the eyes are shut because he is reflecting on it in a dream. The final artwork of Salvador Dali’s that exemplifies Surrealism is Portrait de Paul Eluard (fig. 3). This artwork was painted in 1929 is also an oil on canvas. It can be found in the Dali Theatre and Museum, Figueres, Spain. The dimensions of Portrait de Paul Eluard (fig. 3) are 33 x 25 cm. The painting is of a man named Paul Eluard and is full of multiple objects that are all very abstract. The background is plain with a blue sky that fades from blue to white. The ground is a faded yet delicate brown. In the foreground there is much more detail. There

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