Sam Spade And Marlowe

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Formal Essay: Compare and Contrast Spade and Marlowe

When you first read or watch something dealing with detectives, as an observer, you must

always pay attention to the actions of the characters. The characters are what makes detective

stories mysterious, because each character is looked upon as a suspect and for the detective to

figure out a solution, he must study everyone 's actions, changes in their mood and character and

once a detective has found something that leads him to his culprit, he would have solved his

investigation. From this the detective is given the “whodunit” phase, where he is led with clues

that can help him solve his investigation. Two
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John Paul Athanasourelis 's says that Raymond Chandler’s character learns to identify his flaws

and also identify the flaws in others. (Luhr, vol. 45 pg 299). Just like Spade, it took a while for

Marlowe to grow into a role model, because when the characters were first made, they were not

looked upon as anything special.

You can also see this in Dashiell Hammett 's Sam Spade stories. What each author is

portraying is that, detectives, are people who go through a lot in their life like other people and

the same why that the deal with the situations, is the same why they deal with others, this is what

makes them unique problem solving, they don’t go by the book but they figure things out by

what they know from their own lives. But most readers who have read detective stories, say that

Marlowe is one of the most interesting detectives, and just from his stories alone, Chandler

makes him a model for other detective stories like Sam Spade. (Luhr, vol. 45 pg 299).

Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe are detectives who show skills of experienced crime

fighters like well knowed detectives. Reading the two Sam Spade stories, what they have in

common with The Big Sleep is the control of dialogue, and what I mean from this is that Spade

and Marlowe use stern tones to make their points heard. What Chandler and Hammer did with

these these two detective
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