Same Sex Marriage Essay

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The argument of same-sex marriage is an important one. The question of legalization of same sex marriages is an issue in many of our states today. I would like to argue that same-sex marriages do not infringe on any civil rights, but it is also immoral. We, as Christians, should not be afraid to stand up and use our Constitutional rights to speak against same-sex marriages.
The debate over whether same-sex marriage should be legalized has focused on the infringement of civil rights. State recognition of marriages is not a common right. States control marriages in many ways, not just by denying same sex gender the right to marry. Approximately half of all states deny first cousins from marrying and all deny marriage of closer blood …show more content…

Unions of same-sex partners should not involve children. There is no natural way that two women or two men can conceive and have children. Same-sex partners should not be given custody or the ability to adopt a child. Homosexual parents may not cause a child to become a gay or lesbian, but it does deprive the child of a mother (female) and father (male). Children long to bond emotionally with their parents, especially the parent of their own gender. The relationship is a fundamental part in the process of growing to feel complete as males and females. If same-sex marriages are legalized and homosexuals are allowed to adopt or is granted custody of children, no matter what we as Christians believe, public schools will be required to teach that homosexual relations are considered to be as equal to heterosexual relationships are. Today, we as parents are being challenged enough already with what are children are taught in school and society. If you think not, may I remind you that our children can be given birth control without our knowledge. If same-sex marriages are made legal, they will be teaching our children that homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality. The argument over same-sex marriages is not only about tolerance, but of preference of the option of a lifestyle. Gays have no right to demand that we as Christians, or

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