Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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In the United States, same sex marriage became legal nationwide on June 26, 2015, when the United States Supreme Court overruled the court in favor of same sex freedom and marriage. The victory of same sex marriage came to be recognized from the Obergefell v. Hodges case which was submitted when an American Ohio man was denied and regretted to get his name on his late husband’s death certificate. Same sex marriage has been a controversial social issue in the United States for several decades. Since, the United Supreme Court dismissed the Baker v. Nelson case on October 10, 1972. This was one of the very few first cases brought forward by same sex couples in regards of denial of a marriage license. Furthermore, it caused more issues when Maryland became the first state to ban same sex marriage between same gender couples on January 1, 1973. Maryland also released a Family Law Code states, “Only a marriage between a man and woman is valid in this State.” (“History and timeline to marry in the United States”). However, if anyone is opposed to legalizing same sex marriage, it is generally assumed that the opposing supporters have hatred, discrimination, or any other such negative motions towards same sex marriage and their faithful supporters. Unfortunately, there’s supporting, legitimate reasons as to why gay marriage should not be legalized. With that said, I believe that same sex should be illegal.
As any other related conversional issue there’s always going to be opposing

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