Same Sex Rights And Human Rights

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LGBTQ rights have been at the center of debate for many years now. Some argue that people have the right to love whomever they choose to, regardless of gender, while others argue that same sex rights are a disgrace to human kind. Nevertheless, how you regard to the validity of any human right depends on which moral theory you practice. For instance, if you practice deontological or virtue ethics theories, you are more likely to believe that human rights, such as same sex marriage, are natural rights that enable human flourishing. On the contrary, if you embrace Marx’s or even Bentham’s rejection of rights, you might believe that “natural rights” are nonsense. Even more so, if you are a Utilitarian, you might agree with Marx’s theory that rights are nonsense; however, you differ in believing that they are useful if they produce the best consequences. The American Declaration of Independence stresses the importance of freedom and equality; therefore, LGBTQ rights should not be alienated. Those who consider themselves a part of that community have all the right to practice their preferences. A view adopted by Thomas Nagel, is that we must respect values that people have because they just have them, so why not let this group be? In addition, rights are things put in place to protect people’s interests and ability to flourish. Consequently, if you suppress the LGBTQ community, you are not allowing them to grow into the person they so naturally are meant to be. Instead, you force

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