Sammy As A Hero In The Story Of A & P And Araby

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Both the stories of “A&P” and “Araby” revolve around a goal that seems unreachable to the reader. Sammy has a quest to impress Queenie, a beach girl that travels with her two sidekicks. The narrator is in love with his friend’s sister and thinks that by buying her a gift he will receive her love. Both of these character are left feeling unsatisfied with their endings,but have a moment of realization about their new lives. They both don’t get the girl but have to understand that their expectations were too high and that life has much more to offer.

Sammy plays the hero in the short story of A&P. By quitting his job he shows a symbol of rejection to social norms; he showed qualities of a hero and gained the independence that came with that action. Part of this action was influence by his quest for Queenies attention. During the story he romanticized her “long white prima legs”, white shoulders, arms, bikini, and chest bones. Her existence was his threshold of enthusiasm he felt for life. Queenie and her two friends walk in dressed in bikinis with no shoes into a public store. Manager Lengel had made the girls feel uncomfortable with his comments about their appearance, he consecutively told the girls, “This isn’t the beach.” or “We want you decently dressed when you come in here.” There exists these social norms that all must follow but in this story women are specifically restricted. Sammy is projecting his feelings against these norms by saying to his manager, “You

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