Samoan Culture : An Introduction To The Samoan Culture

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Samoa is a small island nation found in the southern Pacific Ocean, although, what they lack in size is compensated by their rich, Polynesian-based culture. Music is a powerful force in Samoan culture, and shapes their identity with the use of resonant lyrics sung in their native tongue, song, and dance used to parallel their everyday lives and beliefs. Storytelling is as big of an element to Samoan music and dance as any rhythm produced by their instrumentation, and if it is not directly addressed through the lyrics, it will be implied through actions. The line between daily life and music blurs in Samoan culture through of instruments and a vast variety of dances used to tell their story.
“An introduction to Samoan music is an introduction to the Samoan people as a whole (Moyle, p1).” Music had a strong, complimentary presence in traditional Samoan life, and is still a powerful presence today. Although, now, the traditional means for Samoan music has evolved along with it. Traditionally, music was used to tell stories, depict lifestyles, emit warning signals, and to transmit many other things for tribes inhabiting the island. Without the need of a powerful method to transfer signals with the aid of technology; modern day Samoan music has modernized and changed to focus more on the storytelling during a performance. Traditional music in Samoa was a product derived from how they lived their everyday life while blending their voices into song, lyrics and dance (Resture).

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