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1. Introduction The goal of my project is going to be to produce a web app that is informative and helpful to new students at tech, rather they be freshman or transfers and their parents when they come to visit them. It is going to give them access to all the bars and food spots with-in walking distance of Texas Tech University that are the most popular. I am going to accomplish this by giving them access to a web app that I am creating to where not only can they search for the options they are looking for, but they can also get directions and bus routes. These options can range anywhere from if they have a patio, the type of food, and if they allow smoking or not. It also will show how to get there; not only by walking but also where the …show more content…

2. Project scope/study area description The area that I am conducting my research in is within walking area of Texas Tech University and the quickest bus routes to get them there if they do not wish to walk or drive. My focus is on restaurants and bars that are in the focus area and what they offer. I am going to include information on each site so that the user will be able to narrow down the options of the places that they are looking to visit. By also offering bus routes, the user can find the fastest way to get to their designated choices by use of public transit while reducing their carbon footprint as if they were going to attempt to drive there. This app will also help parents plan before they come to Lubbock by helping choose places that they want to take their students with in the Texas Tech area. This area is the immediate neighborhoods and businesses in the immediate area of Texas Tech where I believe that the students and their families would want to visit. I also think this could be viable even just to people that live in the area that would like to get information on the available places to eat and drink in their neighborhoods and what they can expect from them. The final way that this could come in handy would be for the people that stay at the hotels in the area that are looking for somewhere to go other than the hotel or fast food places to get something to eat and meet some of the locals. This is

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