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My ELC journey began 3 years ago, 11/7/13 when I submitted this letter with my application to be considered for selection to participate in the upcoming Daeman Kaleida ELC cohort. I entered the ELC cohort in January of 2014. There were 11 leaders from Kaleida that made up the cohort, 8 of those leaders finished the 2 class Daemen Kaleida ELC cohort. The Daemen Kaleida ELC cohort consists of 2 classes LEAF 500: Organizational Leadership and Self-Development and LEAF 513 Developing Leadership Skills. The Daemen Kaleida ELC program did by far exceed my expectations; I was able to meet the goals I set forth in my application letter. I knew my journey of self-discovery and leadership was not complete, there was so much more to be learned about myself and the leadership journey. The Daemen Kaleida ELC cohort turned out to be my spring board into the full ELC master’s degree program. Retrospectively I recall thinking that with 20 + years of leadership experience under my belt most of what I would be learning would pretty much be a review and refresher. After all I had had a “proven” track record of being a “good” leader with successive promotions with increasing spans of control and responsibility. I would soon learn how incorrect that line of thinking was, that in fact you can teach an old dog new tricks and there were an awful lot I had to learn about leadership and myself. My first memorable teachable point of view (TPOV). We learn to lead by leading, beginning leading one’s
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