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Conducting clinical research can help many patients; this is the powerful driving force behind my compassion to pursue clinical research as my career.

I received my first residency training in medicine in China, where I obtained my medical degree. After immigrated to the U.S with my parents, I completed my USMLE exams while working as a medical extern in Lenox Hill Hospital with Dr. Kirk Garratt in cardiology research and Dr. Yiming Yang, an interventional cardiologist, and later as an intern in cardiac nuclear stress lab in the Heart & Vascular Hospital at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in Huston. Witnessing cardiac patients suffered from post-cardiac event depression, I decided to play an active role in bridging the clinical gap between cardiology and psychiatry. I completed my psychiatry residency training and geriatric psychiatry training at the New York Presbyterian Hospital /Columbia University Medical Center, and became board …show more content…

As more advanced EEG developed and in combined use of computational techniques, they become the ideal non-invasive and cost-effective research instruments for investigation of brain signals and autonomic reactivity in response to stimulation of the brain. I am interested in obtaining additional research training in utilizing EEG and ECG to conduct clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease, and applying computational skills to analyze EEG and ECG data to unfold the functional and neural mechanisms underpinning the neuropathology of the brain. My long-term research goal is to develop novel treatment interventions targeting these functional and neural mechanisms. I feel fortunate that two established research mentors I identified, Dr. D.P Devanand and Dr. Willman Fifer, who will devote their time and resources to help me to develop the expertise and skills necessary to become an independent clinical investigator in

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