Sample Resume : A Placement

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Initially my aim; was to complete a placement in a nursery setting as an employee. Part the reason for this, was because I wanted to experience a placement where I would be pushed out of my comfort zone. Giving me the responsibility and expectation to fulfil the role of a member of staff expected to know policy and procedures used within the setting. I fell that this type of placement would have offered me with more opportunities to reflect on my professional practice and apply changes in practise to be a better practitioner. With this I first decided to look up nurseries in my area emailing each nursery of my interest in having a university placement whilst as an employee. Whilst, I was successful obtaining work before I could begin my work I was informed they could no longer afford to keep me on.
As a result, I was left without a placement and a limited amount of time to organise one. With this is in mind, I knew that I would have to use a more proactive approach when organising the placement. Considering this I decided to email round the local schools and nurseries informing them of my situation and how I was interested in a university placement in their setting. As the children’s first week was nearly finishing and still no response I decided to ring the schools informing them of the email and urging on the importance of securing a placement as soon as possible. Within the conversations the receptionist recognised the importance of my placement being organised soon. So
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