Sample Resume : Alternative Uses For Urine

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Kaylee Angeline Garcia Mr. Balleweg Theory of Knowledge June 2014 Extended Essay Topic: Alternative Uses for Urine Research Question: With the technology we have today, can urine become more than just a waste product? Approach: An essay that examines the use of modern technology for the transformation of urine to water and fuel. Through several experiments and observations it has been calculated that the average man can live up to about three weeks without food, yet can only live up to three days without water. Why is this so? Water is the most essential substance to humans when it comes to survival, for tt is the substance that keeps our body working properly and efficiently, and it has been purifying the human body ever since man was created, serving as a lubricant. Not only that, but water regulates our body temperature, and maintains our body stable and healthy. Essentially, water is so crucial to our survival that about ninety five percent of our brain eighty two percent of our blood, and even ninety percent of our lungs are made up of water and since the human body is about two thirds water, it has been estimated that nearly 1 x 10^27 or 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 water molecules flow through our bodies daily. Thus, it is necessary for the average human to consume a sufficient amount of water. On Earth alone, about seventy five percent of the earth is covered in water, yet a majority of that calculation is known to be saltwater: water we cannot drink or
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