Sample Resume : Florida Law

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It was a pleasure meeting with you last week, and I am looking forward to assisting you in resolving this inconvenience. As you requested, I researched whether PDBA can likely enforce the noncompete agreement against you, given that it can establish a legitimate business interest (“LBI”) in its training regimen. I verified that in order to prove an LBI in its training, an employer must establish that the training rises to the level of “extraordinary” or “specialized,” which can be proved in different ways. After researching Florida law, I believe we have a viable claim against PDBA should you wish to proceed with legal action against the company.

Before I discuss the relevant Florida law, I would like to review my understanding of the facts. Judges place a great deal of importance on the facts of each case, so it is important that I thoroughly comprehend each detail so that we can form an effective approach to fighting the claims PDBA asserted against you. The next few paragraphs describe the facts as I understand them. If I have described anything inaccurately, please call me as soon as possible and we can rectify the error.

As I understand the facts, you had extensive baseball experience as a professional player and college coach before PDBA hired you. You were a student-athlete at the University of Rhode Island (“URI”), where you played third base for the baseball team and received a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. After graduation, you were drafted by a Double-A

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