Self Disclosure : Qualifications, Credentials, And Experience

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Self-disclosure: Qualifications, Credentials, and Experience: I’m a retired and high decorated fighter pilot with over 30 years of flying high performance jets where I survived forces on my body exceeding nine times my bodyweight. The cognitive training tools and skills that I will teach you are the same ones that helped me endure and survive intense combat missions and high G forces requiring elite athletic strength. These are also the same cognitive tools taught to elite, professional and Olympic athletes.
I’m currently a doctoral student in Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Western States in Portland, OR and working on my certification as an applied sport psychology consultant. I have a Master’s degree in …show more content…

I typically work with individuals and teams who are struggling with particular issues such as lack of confidence or motivation, nerves before competition, poor attention and focus, energy management, or ineffective team communication, for example.

My approach starts with a sound and trustworthy relationship with you using the cooperative coaching style with a mastery motivational (task) oriented climate. You will first learn about my ethical identity followed by me getting to know you and your goals and dreams. I aim to partner with you in a cooperative and positive way so that you can start improving your performance immediately.

Human differences: I recognize that differences of age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, culture, sexual orientation, disability, language, or socioeconomic status. I only work with specific populations once I have developed the necessary skills to be competent with these populations, or I will make appropriate referrals. Arrangement of Services: Each performance training session in my office is a one-hour block. Sessions outside my office, such as an outdoor “high risk” activity or my attendance at your sporting event or practice, will vary depending on the activity. Please provide me with a 48-hour advance notice for scheduling

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