Sample Resume : Laboratory Services

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As Director of Laboratory Services it is our job to work closely with all staff, department directors and physicians. As Director it is his or her job to ensure the highest standards of quality are maintained. The department’s job is to manage, update and take responsibility for the quality of laboratory work processes. Prepare budget for the costs, of all personnel, equipment, and supplies. As Director of Laboratory Services communication and interpersonal skills are a necessity for running a successful department. We have to posse a vision, be willing and able to handle difficult decisions. The Director of Lab needs to administer day-to-day scientific and technical operations of a clinical staff (, 2015). Hire, train, and…show more content…
Another idea for Directors of Laboratory Services is educating employees, this can be done by offering online modules to updating training skills, introducing new software and data entry procedures, provide lectures, webinars and workshops on new equipment, procedures and usage, and available training programs. This will keep employees updated and trained to handle the continuous change in technology, software, and new equipment. The department provides a strategic plan for pathology and clinical procedures to ensure that the lab is running effective and efficiently, but to also provide our patients with the best quality care possible. This includes maximizing our resources through test utilization, measuring productivity, providing a friendly work environment with options for recruitment, mentorship. We will lead in educating both our staff/faculty and community. Create a culture of excellence and quality improvement by providing an error reduction, client satisfaction, and staff awareness through lab surveys. To develop a departmental plan for laboratory services we must consider ethical issues or dilemma’s the department may face. Many of the ethical issues or dilemmas faced by the department include: Health and safety- The proper procedure
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