Sample Resume : Production Process

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To: Operations Departments
From: Amanda Kranning
Date: 2/28/2017
Re: The Production Process
Good Morning!
I am writing to all to discuss the main components of the production process in order to address the businesses need to follow a well thought out structure. This will not only helps with more productivity but also boosts our customer’s confidence thus generating more profits.
As you are aware, the steps in which we take raw materials and transform them into a final products such as ties, t-shirts, or pants is called the manufacturing process. We begin with sourcing the raw materials needed from a list of reputable suppliers. During this we will try to get the most cost effective material that is required to make a quality …show more content…

I personally like taking a hands on approach so many of times you will see me working with you in finding a strategy that works for all of us. Additionally, performance is measured on a monthly basis allowing me to see where extra improvement could help. I encourage everyone not to hesitate in talking to me if you have suggestions in ways we can develop.
Furthermore, I would like to briefly touch on the concepts of setup time, utilization time, production scheduling, and bottlenecks as well as the process design layout. The time that it takes to ready our equipment prior to usage is the set up time. We like to have all machines working in correct fashion but minimize the time that it takes. (Business Dictionary, 2017) When we consume our time in an efficient manner with each piece of equipment this is utilization. Allocating a specific percentage amount to the usage of the operating system is enabling us to changeover into the next step effortlessly. (Business Dictionary, 2017) We also want to be aware of our production schedule. To accommodate all incoming orders prioritizing them will allow us to make use of our resources being cost effective, keeping cost low and customer service high. (Business Dictionary, 2017) Lastly, avoiding bottlenecking is a huge factor. When we work at full capacity due to lack of time management, we are unable to bring in more customer

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