Sample Resume : Secure Near Field Communication

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Sai Srinivas Aluri Computer Networking Eg 6356 Course Instructor: Wenbin Luo 1/3/2015 Secure Near Field Communication Abstract: We are in the world where technology is changing rapidly. This technology makes human life much easier than ever, but unfortunately where we find the simple way to solve the problems there the difficulty arise. As well in the present world Near Field Communication is one of such technologies that making our life’s easier. By incorporating “NFC-technology” into the mobile handset, users will have access to a number of services through their phones such as making a payment for goods, tickets, sharing information with friends, and gaming. Presently, banks are issuing pay wave cards, which uses NFC…show more content…
By integrating this technology in to Mobile, user can gain access to numerous services such as making payment at stores, sharing information from one device to other. NFC has three modes of operation: 1. Read and write mode: An NFC enabled device can read a message stored in a NFC tags and also it can write message in to that tag’s. NFC-Data Exchange Format (NDEF) & Record Type Definition (RTD) are the protocols used for message exchange in this mode. 2. Peer to peer mode: When NFC enabled devices are tapped a handshake is performed between devices to make a connection, this helps the devices to transfer data between them. IP (Internet Protocol), Object Exchange (OBEX) and Logical Link Control protocol (LLCP) are the protocols used in this mode. 3. Card emulation mode: This mode is used to make transactions at different outlets where NFC payment is enabled (ex: Google wallet). Each mode of operation have its own advantage and disadvantage based on what information we are dealing with. If the information that is transmitting from your device is sensitive to nature it has to be protected unless the hackers can attack on your message and steal the sensitive information. Background: In recent years, NFC is widely used in many fields, For example supermarket-like HEB, the product have an itemized tag attached to it which allows the people
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