Sample Resume : Secure Near Field Communication

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Sai Srinivas Aluri
Computer Networking
Eg 6356
Course Instructor: Wenbin Luo

Secure Near Field Communication

Abstract: We are in the world where technology is changing rapidly. This technology makes human life much easier than ever, but unfortunately where we find the simple way to solve the problems there the difficulty arise. As well in the present world Near Field Communication is one of such technologies that making our life’s easier. By incorporating “NFC-technology” into the mobile handset, users will have access to a number of services through their phones such as making a payment for goods, tickets, sharing information with friends, and gaming. Presently, banks are issuing pay wave cards, which uses NFC technology for making payments at various outlets. The mobile manufacturers who integrated this technology in to their mobile phones are Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony and more.
As it operates on an unlicensed radio frequency band, there is a chance for hackers to steal our information such as stealing our credit card details, phone numbers, and messages. In order to prevent these attacks we have to secure the message that is going out/ getting in to the device we are using.
In this paper I am going to discuss from the basic of NFC working and the types of attacks that can be occurred and the security implementation for NFC for making hassle free transactions at different outlets.

Near Field Communication (NFC) the…
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