Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot

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Waiting for Godot Is a play where time and memory along with other things is of importance. Each of the characters introduces time and memory in their own way; for example, Vladimir, also known as Didi and Mr. Albert, is a man who is seen as the one who is more mature, responsible, and intelligent. Although he tends to remember more than the rest of the characters, he often believes that his mind is playing tricks on him. Another main character Estragon, known as Gogo, is a man who is seen as weak, helpless, and in need of protection by his friend Vladimir. Each night Estragon decides to sleep in a ditch where he manages to get beat up. His memory is not so great and seems to only remember what is being told to him at that given moment. …show more content…
Then he played the fool” “I remember that. But when was it”. (Beckett) Vladimirs ability to remember some of yesterdays doings and consequences and mention it in the present gives them hope that yesterday was real and that a new day has begun, so that Godot can probably show up. Moreover, although it is not clearly defined if Godot will ever show his presence or not, the fact that the boy is bringing a message to DiDi and GoGo shows a bit of hope that just maybe Godot will really come tomorrow.
Third, the changes in Pozzo and Lucky between the first and second act do contribute to a feeling of hopelessness not only in the play but to the readers as well. The hopelessness can be found in Pozzo’s condition that declines from one day to the next. For example when Pozzo loses his eyesight and says, “I use to have wonderful sight” and proceeds to say, “I woke up one fine day as blind as a fortune. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not still asleep”. (Beckett) The fact that Pozzo loses his eyesight from one day to another symbolizes how his position is no longer as high as it was. Before he loses his sight, he is the one that is seen as the master, the one who takes control of and abuses lucky in every way possible. However when the situation changes and turns the opposite direction he no longer has the ability to be as cruel for now he has to rely and depend on Lucky for guidance with the same rope he used to yank him with. For Pozzo says to
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