Samuel T. Speros Research Paper

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Samuel T. Speros On July the tenth in the year of our Lord 1996 many children were born. One of these children was Samuel Thomas Speros, the first of his name. When I was three my Father and Mother split up; and by age five a new man was living with my mom and the word “Custody” became one of common use. This man’s name is Dan Seifert and he is now my stepfather, he had a civil marriage with my mother after a few years of living with us. At this time I was going to St.Rose elementary school in Thomasville. My mother might not be the best catholic but she has always believed in the need for catholic education which was her gift to my brother and me. We went to mass at St. Rose about twice a month but it was always just something we did, …show more content…

I went looking for ways to satiate this hunger for love. I went searching for it in the worldly pleasures of alcohol, marijuana, and pornography. This lasted from about eighth grade to my sophomore year. Living this way made me rather miserable to the point where I felt like I was just an object to be traded back and forth by my parents. Another key thing was learning how to play instruments in my sophomore year which helped me express myself in a more positive way; I also started to write poetry and allow my creativity to take …show more content…

However, when the paperwork came around it had the words “Priestly Discernment” in huge letters on it and I gave a firm “No” to that on grounds that I didn’t want anything to do with the Church. (little did I know) So Paul goes to Quo Vadis and I feel terrible for ditching my best friend, I ask him if there is any other event that I can go to to make it up to him. He then invites me to a steubenville conference. I decide to call Scott Anthony to see if I can go, keep in mind, it is June and the conference is in July. Scott told me that there were no spots left and that the paperwork was due in January. At this point I’m glad I don’t have to find an excuse not to go because I told Paul that I would. Fast forward to the week we are supposed to leave, I get a phone call from Scott saying that there was a spot that opened up and I told him I needed to talk it over with my folks. They told me I could go if and only if it didn’t cost anything, which was great because I knew Steubenville cost at least $200. I give Scott a call back and before I can finish my excuse about the cost of the conference he tells me that the cost is non-refundable so it’s free for me to go. In essence I’m conned into going by Scott Anthony and Paul Bova. In Adoration the first night, I felt truly loved for the first time in a long time. I went to confession that night for the first

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