Samul Performance Review Paper

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MUS 113 Samul Ensemble rehearses and performs a Korean samul repertoire each semester. The primary foci of the course are for students to experience the art of ensemble playing and to understand basic compositional components and techniques associated with the samul genre. Our class relies on the traditional rote learning method that employs instrument-specific Korean onomatopoetic sounds. Unlike Western performance organizations such as a band, an orchestra, a chorus, or a chamber ensemble group for which musical scores are available for procurement through various channels, coming up with a samul score that would complement the level of proficiency our samul ensemble possesses requires a great deal of resourcefulness. In other words, in order to prepare for a samul performance each semester, I must listen to various recordings of existing samul performances, transcribe them, arrange them to be suitable for our…show more content…
I believe one of the biggest strengths of ECSU is that its premise is based on the close relationship between faculty members and students. In all my courses, I have striven to give as much individual attention as possible, and it is even more so in MUS 356/456 because the goals and the progression toward the goals have to be finely calibrated to reflect each individual circumstances while still upholding the integrity of academic excellence and achieving the overall goal for the degree program. All my piano students must learn to tackle technical exercises as foundational study and must be exposed to repertoire selections that will lead them to be able to demonstrate their knowledge of stylistic differences in each pianistic period. In addition, they must appear in public performance venues in and out of campus so that they can fully embody what it is to be a performing
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